Blue Zen Massage Bodywork Reflexology massage therapy

Blue Zen Massage Bodywork Reflexology massage therapyBlue Zen Massage Bodywork Reflexology massage therapyBlue Zen Massage Bodywork Reflexology massage therapy

  M.0407 002 567 Located in Treehouse Diamond Valley Sunshine Coast 


Blue Zen Massage Holistic Rituals part 2

Sensei Shayne Harris Diploma Remedial Massage & Diploma Reflexology...





Sign up to hear Pregnancy Massage Lomi massage specials Educational massage/reflexology therapy workshops. Master in the teaching holistic therapies? Sensei Shayne Harris Massage Sunshine Coast

Holistic Massage Sunshine Coast Sensei Shayne Harris

Sensei Shayne Harris Martial Artist standing in the garden with sacred Hawaiian Nut Tree


Diamond Valley Sunshine Coast Hinterland massage bodywork Pregnancy Massage Lomi reflexology

Remedial Therapist standing over client using cupping to help in holistic bodywork

Body Alignment Massage


Restore movement through holistic sports
biomechanics, MET, joint mobilisation
and myotherapy massage.

Unwind tension with Shiatsu, 

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, hot stones and cupping.
Release energy flow using reflexology and
ninjutsu acupressure points. 

A diagram showing Anatomy and Physiology for Muscle names that are Atomical for Biotensegrity

Hot Stone Hawaiian Lomi Lomi



On floor or on table. Includes cranial balancing, TMJ, along with Amatsu Zentai body stretches and alignments.

Yin Yang Magic 

Restores harmony and balance. Hand and foot reflexology with foot scrub and French clay painting. Indian head
massage with TMJ release, followed by full body massage. 90 mins minimum.

Diamond Valley Tree House

Kirby Timbers Blue Zen Massage Located in a
TreeHouse Diamond Valley Rain Forest Sunshine Coast


Diamond Valley Sunshine Coast Hinterland 

A Flyer Sharing the styles of blue zen massage the colours and contact details

Body Alignment Massage

 $ Manual Health Fund Rebates 

Soft Tissue Massage works deeper layers of muscles with Acupressure pressure & Trigger points points throughout the body. Joint Mobilization Techniques are used. This massage is beneficial for athletes and those who sit for long periods of time.  Ultimate Sports Remedial Massage using the latest body alignment therapies, MET and myotherapies.

 Not just a resort rub”.  

 Pure Bliss – Pre or Post Natal Mums Pregnancy Massage / or those who need to be massaged in the Recovery Position, or due to health and or bodywork required for extra pain relief.     

Hot Stones placed on clients skin at Blue Zen Massage therapies creates Therapeutic Hawaiin Lomi Lomi Rituals 
Shayne Harris at work assisting rejuvenation

Hot Stone Hawaiian Ancient Lomi Lomi

  Lomi Lomi bodywork is unique in a number of respects, this beautiful form of wet-bench bodywork provides a holistic approach for balancing the whole state of well-being in its physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. It is known and believed to be an ultimate sacred experience!

Using flowing Hula and Tai Chi dance style movements, Sacral Crainal Balancing and Hawaiian facials acupressure is also experienced. Hot Stones are heated and used with oils to sooth, warm, and massage your muscles also with Reflexology. This allows your body to relax and release tension and stress. 

About Us

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi connects the whole body flowing  natural movement Blue Zen Massage 
Sunshine Coast Massage hinterland

Healthy Well-Being

Experienced Knowledge

Therapists Who Care

$ Manual Health Fund Rebates 

for all Remedial Massage! Trigger point, Myofascial Release, Pin and Stretches with Joint Mobilization Techniques. 

Our massage therapists put your needs first so you feel better as soon as possible. Mobile Massage Services by Appointment in Maleny, Montville, Palmwoods, Mooloolah Valley and Caloundra, Maroochedore, Mooloolaba

Restorative mobility & Holistic Bodywork Bio-Mechanics release myofascial tissue and unwinds tension

Therapists Who Care

Experienced Knowledge

Therapists Who Care

 Shayne Harris provides rejuvenating massage and reflexology customized to suit each individual’s needs. Shayne is a dedicated professional Diplomas of both Reflexology & Remedial Therapeutic Massage. A practitioner of traditional martial arts for over 30 years. Mastery of body movement, Experience this ancient art of Well-Being!  Massage therapy for the management or prevention of a disease, injury  or condition, provided by a qualified massage therapist, with social  distancing observed to the extent possible.” 

Lady at Day Spa with hot stones and candle for                          Restorative mobility & Holistic Bodywork

Experienced Knowledge

Experienced Knowledge

Experienced Knowledge

 Hooray Open Again “...   
“  Bookings with Shayne Harris
  “Diploma’s Quols Remedial Bodywork.. “Pain Releases”
Health & Wellness!!
Build Immunity”   

Hooray allowed to do Remedial Massage services again in Qld due to holding a Diploma’s or above Qualification only ! 

“ Health services provided by health practitioners registered under the  Health Practitioner Regulation National Law,  Example – physiotherapists and chiropractors Remedial Massage Therapists doing Therapeutic, 

Miofasical Release ! 



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